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Catering - it's what we do! The Lime Truck has catered high-profile events for clients including Warner Bros, Dolby Digital, The Playboy Mansion, The Los Angeles Clippers, MTV, Nickelodeon, Bad Robot, UCLA... The list goes on and on! From appetizers to desserts, we offer customized menus and one-of-a-kind food to make your event a standout success. Don’t settle for boring meatballs and vol-au-vents – excite your guests with our unique flavors from around the world. We guarantee our food is 100% fresh and 100% made from scratch and are dedicated to speedy and exceptional service.


Los Angeles County

Santa Barbara County

Orange County

San Diego County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

We have The Lime Truck Food Specialists available now: (949) 232-0690

I think I just died and went to food truck heaven! THE BEST!!!!!! Delicious tacos, delicious (and creative) drinks, and amazing service!

Jackie R

Went to an event last week in LA... The Lime Truck was handling all the catering. The food was amazing -- loved the Mexican street corn, the Brussel sprouts, and the Sweet & Spicy steak taco. Made a few trips back for more.

Justin F

I was pretty nervous about the food for our wedding, but we got super lucky with The Lime Truck! They were awesome! The food was an absolute hit, and months after our wedding, I'm still hearing, "Man! The food at your wedding was amazing!".

Davri S