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FOODSIDED: The Great Food Truck Race All Stars Winner was all about the taste of the truck

by Cristine Struble


In a battle of two previous champions, The Great Food Truck Race All Stars Winner proved that the taste of the truck was key to rolling to victory. While Seoul Sausage and The Lime Truck seemed to be destined to make the finale, the reality is only one team would walk away with that coveted belt. Did you bet on the right food truck?

Over two days of selling the Seoul Sausage and The Lime Truck had both challenges and regular selling to keep that cash drawer full of big tickets. Although previous seasons of the Great Food Truck Race came down to winning that “extra money in the till” challenge, the reality is that this season was less about the challenges and more about the smart business strategy.

In many ways, part of this competition was Taste of the Truck versus Seoul Pack. While food trucks are always looking for big sales, this whole menu experience is like the ultimate tasting menu. Plus, it is smart strategy for the food trucks. Why wouldn’t they want to serve everything on the menu?

At the same time, the pricing needs to be smart. As seen in the last episode, The Lime Truck did price the Taste of the Truck a little high, even for San Francisco prices. Even though many people might want to have that full experience, no one should over charge just for the sake of the competition.

In the finale, it seemed that both trucks excelled in both the selling and the challenges. But, only one food truck would be named The Great Food Truck Race All Stars Winner.

The two challenges were worth $800 extra to the till. For the first challenge, the teams had to incorporate certain Chinese ingredients. In a battle of chicken feet (Seoul Sausage) versus pigs ears (Lime Truck), the feet rolled their way to victory with more specials sold.

For the second challenge, each food truck had to create a new signature dish. Judged by Tyler Florence, this special dish was supposed to stand for the food truck’s name, go down in history and be memorable.

Seoul Sausage created Mother’s Egg Rice and The Lime Truck offers Red Curry Shrimp Tacos. Both menu items were good representations of the food trucks. The tacos were a taste of vacation and very on brand. At the same time, the egg rice was big on flavor and told a special story.

Winning the second challenge was Seoul Sausage. That win gave them an $800 advantage going into the final counting. Even though only $59 separated the two teams after day 1, it isn’t over till it’s over. Anything can happen in The Great Food Truck Race.

When the final totals were announced, the victory was a big one and it didn’t come down to the challenges. Lime Truck didn’t need the extra money, because their sales totals earned them the victory and the title of The Great Food Truck Race All Stars Winner. With a total of $7,066 versus $6,448, it was a big victory for The Lime Truck.

It seems that the taste of the truck brought the victor’s belt. As future seasons of the Great Food Truck Race start filming, could those food trucks learn from these two successful teams and their strategies?

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